The Posey Quintette


The Posey Quintette is a piano-driven ensemble that is dedicated to reviving the prolific swing orchestration of the late 1940’s. We celebrate hot jazz and swing obscurities - the ‘hidden gemstone’ songs that might have breached the mainstream jazz billboards - but missed - due to the abundant creative renaissance of the swing movement. 

Our sound is a dedicated nod to the ‘power-house’ composers of swing history. Each of our arrangements is unique to the PQ - because we lovingly transcribe these tunes (by hand and ear) in order to preserve the historical accuracy of their original concepts. The PQ features the fierce improvisational interplay of a small-combo swing ensemble that blooms into the intricate harmonies and warm counterpoint of an orchestra — all in a clever package that’s designed to delight dancers and listeners alike. 

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Triangle Swing Dance Society

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