Posey Piano Tuning

Posey Piano Tuning’s purpose is to make it a little easier to keep your piano sounding sweet.


We perform the following services:

  • Regular tuning (1.5 hours) - $120

  • Touch-up tuning (1 hour) - $100

  • Pitch raise - contact with inquiries

  • Voicing and repair - contact with inquiries

  • Piano moving (all pianos) - contact with inquiries

  • Dampp-Chaser humidity control system (installation)

Posey tuning.jpeg


"A well-tuned piano is hard to find...

...wait too long, you'll have the 'other kind’.

When you sit down to play your favorite song,

You strike a note - *it’s sour* - 'cuz you waited too long.

You promise friends; it’s not that you’re lazy..

You’ll get it tuned and then you’ll sound like Count Basie!

To keep your piano nice, take my advice:

Tune it every 6 months, or 8 if you must..

No matter if you play it, or it’s collecting dust.

Oh, a well-tuned piano shouldn't be so hard to find.”